About Living Portrait

Living Portrait was established in 2019 as my love and enthusiasm for photography evolved from a passion project into a business venture. 

Me personally- I live in the south part of Columbus Ohio. I’m married to my amazing husband with whom i share a 1 year old named Rory. During the week I work under Living Portrait and work for a portrait studio on the weekends. 

My approach- I frame appointments to follow an organic flow. We will hit a couple poses throughout our session but I will keep us on the move. Doing this allows me to get the best of the outdoor ever-changing lighting and setting as well as getting to catch the raw authenticity of a candid photo. 

My product I deliver my product a little differently than other photographers as well. The industry standard is that the customer get’s the number of images they paid for, and they are images that the photographer chose and edited. I feel like since we’re already delivering digital packages that we can also modernize the product delivery portion the photography process. After our shoot I will organize ALL your usable images together in an online gallery for you to then choose YOUR favorites for me to edit. I won’t know if a kid looks JUST LIKE grandpa in a photo or if I captured your toddler’s stank face so perfectly.. I have no way of knowing what you’ll enjoy most out of the lot of photos we took. My way of going about photo shoots yields a ton of photos, so I took the guesswork out of which photos I think you’d like by letting you choose the ones to be edited. This also means that you get your gallery at hyper speed. I do a bit of work to get them ready for the gallery but usually initial gallery launches happen next day. The process for you to choose your images is easy and although it’s slightly more work on the client I’ve found that client’s love getting all their images + the edits of their choice instead of just Xamount of pretty pictures that the photographer felt like turned out best.

I don’t do pre-shoot appointments for the kind of services I currently offer but I will have a text chat with you beforehand to iron out all the details. I’m also always willing to chase after your own version of photograph you’ve been mentally hoping for- feel free to share with me any images or mood boards you have before an appointment so I can be sure to plan location, lighting, etc accordingly.

My services have recently been updated and can be found in my services page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/LivingPortraitPhotography/services/

I use Pic-Time for my gallery hosting (portfolio link below) and deliver exclusively digital packages. The gallery hosting service I use also has lots of print ordering integrated right into your gallery view.

Why Choose Living Portrait

My sessions bring the power of a great camera, Photoshop, an awesome photographer, and new school photo delivery together all in one organized package!
  • I shoot manual with a Nikon D750 in RAW format. This camera is AMAZING and shoots with such innovative technology and at shutter speed that other cameras can’t keep up- with which means I’ll catch everything and it will be stunning. I shoot in the highest resolution format possible which enables me to photo edit with perfect pixel specificity.
  • I doctor my photos, not just edit. Most photographers edit their photo’s exposure, color, and vibrancy- pretty much all the same capabilities your really nice phone already gives you the options to adjust. I learned Photoshop from the ground up and edit all of my images within it’s powerful program. I can adjust the exposure, color, and vibrancy of your photos but I can also easily remove distracting objects, swap your kids frowning face with a photo we took that they’re not, adjust your waistline, hide that pimple, make it look dark and spooky or light and airy, and anything else you can imagine and it’s included in your package.
  • I work at a photo studio on weekend days to continue working on my posing. If i just had a good camera and could edit photos it still doesn’t mean that i’ll know how to guide you. Very few people naturally know how to move their bodies to look flattering in a photo or know what angles to utilize in congruence with lightning and camera angle. I’m a Lifestyle photographer which means my clientele aren’t used to being in front of the camera and need guidance to not only make them feel comfortable during our session but also so that the session’s photos look the best they can.
  • My photo delivery process, as mentioned above, makes for photos that the client’s couldn’t be happier with.

Location, Location, Location!

Shooting locations in Columbus are abundant! If you have a location you love and would like to shoot at let me know and let’s make it happen! 

Alternatively, if you need a little bit of help pinning down what location works best to pull off your vision, have no fear because the perfect place is just a few clicks away! 

The Living Portrait Photography studio is still in development but the location is still available upon request.

-check out the Oak House Rental in the menu for more

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